Food Bank

Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau seeks to tackle food inequalities in a more dignified and sustainable way, and to address the deep-rooted causes of food poverty. We want to make sure people are given the support they need to find a route out of foodbank dependency. During your CAB appointment we will endevour to resolve your issue and, where appropriate will issue food provisions from our premises (no need to redeem a voucher or visit the foodbank).

-Kay Taylor

UK foodbank use continues to rise according to new data from anti-poverty charity, The Trussell Trust. This is backed up by our own data, shown below, as well. You can read about The Trussell Trusts findings by clicking here.

The following charts show Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Foodbank data over roughly a 9 month peroid, from 08/07/16 to 31/03/17.


The following charts show our most recent data, over a 2 month period, from 01/04/17 to 31/05/17.



Commendation on Tackling Food Poverty

kay taylor

Recently a motion was passed by MSP Neil Bibby to commend the bureau by the Parliament “for its efforts in tackling food poverty in Renfrewshire; notes that, since July 2016, it has issued 115 food parcels to people in need; recognises its alternative approach to assisting clients in resolving their benefits issues or disputes as well as it issuing the parcels, and acknowledges what it believes will be the positive impact that this action will have in supporting people, tackling deprivation and reducing foodbank dependency in the area.”

Supported by: Mary Fee, Richard Lyle, Iain Gray, Anas Sarwar, Colin Beattie, David Stewart, Pauline McNeill, Tom Arthur, Alex Rowley, Neil Findlay, Ivan McKee.